ViTel Net's Unique Technology

Our Unique Technology

Software developers have traditionally developed software for use within an industry segment with only a superficial understanding of that industry. This approach has relied upon the principle that one solution fits all and the end user simply needs to adapt their organization and business practices to the developed software application. This approach does not work within the healthcare community, specifically as it applies to Telemedicine/Telehealth programs. Healthcare professionals have developed unique procedures, processes and protocols that are specific to their specialty and organizational structure. They expect and deserve technology solutions, including hardware and software that can adapt to their specific requirements, while supporting the delivery of quality healthcare without disruption to their current workflow process.

ViTel Net uses a unique approach to software development that recognizes this need. Solutions that can be easily adapted and rapidly deployed. ViTel Net's MedVizer Informatics Integration Platform Tool employs a revolutionary and cost effective method of developing software applications that meet the specific needs and compliment and enhance the established workflow process. The ViTel Net approach begins by asking the question: "What is your need and your workflow process," then develop with confidence a low-cost effective solution that is integrated with the established workflow process, thus eliminating extensive implementation and training programs. Continue.