ViTel Net Products Page

ViTel Net's Product Solutions for the Continuum of Care

ViTel Net is a principal provider of Home Health Monitoring, Referral/Consultation Telemedicine, and First Responder/Emergency Telemedicine solutions that supports healthcare professionals across the the continuum of care.

ViTel Net has developed a unique home health monitoring solution called ViTelCare and has designed and manufactures a collection of easy-to-use in-home patient monitoring units. This home monitoring solution assists in the education of home care patients and supports healthcare professionals in the management of chronic disease illnesses.

ViTel Net also provides custom referral/consultation telemedicine solutions for physicians and clinical specialists in medical disciplines such as; pediatric and adult echocardiography, general medicine, radiology, and rehabilitation services to name a few.

In support of the first responder, emergency transport personnel and emergency and trauma specialist, ViTel Net has developed an assortment of point-of-care solutions that encompass rapid deployment, acquisition of vital medical data and assistance in the emergency treatment of critically injured and/or medcially stabilized individuals.