About Us

Who We Are
Visual Telecommunications Network, Inc., better known as ViTel Net™ is a leading provider of Home Health Monitoring, Referral/Consultation Telemedicine, and First Responder/ Emergency Telemedicine solutions focused on value-added commercial, military, and government applications.

Since 1989, ViTel Net has pioneered the development of healthcare technologies that allow clinicians to remotely treat and manage patient health regardless of geographic and time barriers. Through its unique technologies, ViTel Net offers a broad range of standard and customizable Telehealth solutions for use in remote diagnostics, connecting primary hospitals with specialist located at tertiary level institutions. ViTel Net's Home Health Applications enable remote monitoring of chronically ill at home patients with diseases such as congestive heart failure, diabetes, chronic obstructive pulmonary disorder (COPD), asthma, wound care, mental health, and post-acute care.

ViTel Net is a world leader in developing healthcare technologies for both the commercial and government sectors. ViTel Net's clients include leading healthcare systems, hospitals, clinics, government agencies, home nursing agencies, and healthcare clinicians throughout the United States and around the globe. In addition to a broad commercial base, ViTel Net is well-recognized throughout the US Department of Defense, and since 2000 has lead healthcare technology research initiatives with the goal of improving the quality of healthcare provided to our military personnel on the battlefield and across the full continuum of health services. From its early days as a provider of Telemedicine solutions, its development of first responder applications and home monitoring products, ViTel Net has successfully built upon its pioneering tradition of R&D to become a global healthcare technology leader and converting those technologies for mass use in commercial markets.

Merging Clinical & Technology Expertise
ViTel Net has assembled an experienced team of clinical professionals consisting of general and specialist practitioners; registered nurses, biomedical engineers; and hospital administrators. Working in close coordination with ViTel Net's talented technology team, these seasoned professionals are guiding extraordinary efforts to deliver superior Telehealth products and services that meet or exceed customer and regulatory requirements.

With a proven history of success in the exciting and evolving field of Telehealth, ViTel Net is uniquely positioned to maximize value from ongoing technological advances - and transfer that value to the success of your business. Client satisfaction is our top priority and we strive to understand each client's culture and needs; focus on activities that add value to our products and eliminate those which do not; build lasting relationships and anticipate customer needs to achieve a competitive edge, and be your technology partner of choice.

The ViTel Net Legacy Founded by President and CEO Allen Izadpanah-an industry visionary in merging technology and medicine into a single Telehealth solution-ViTel Net has remained privately owned with increasing revenues and profitability each year. Since its introduction to the home monitoring segment, ViTel Net has experience tremendous growth and, with its new line of Turtle™ home monitoring products, is quickly emerging as the premier provider of home health monitoring technologies.